Customized inspection trips

In the case that our clients wish to view in person the property they want to purchase, or if they are interested in viewing more than a few, DreamAlgarve offers a complete service so they can visit them.

Our complete customized Inspection Trip service includes a pre-viewing due diligence survey, client accommodation in a high quality hotel or private rental villa, an inspection trip to the pre-selected properties, a trip around the main attractions and sites in the location our clients intend to purchase property, a full sit-down meeting with our financial adviser for an in-depth analysis of the application and purchasing process, lunch or dinner in a superb and typical restaurant so they can experience the fantastic Portuguese gastronomy, and a sea-faring boat ride experience or attraction.

Independent legal advice and purchasing process management

DreamAlgarve offers a complete set of services to provide you with clarity and precision when buying property. For this we have in place a number of partnerships that help us navigate the sometimes foggy nature of property buying.

Working with us are several legal advisers, and we introduce you to the independent professionals to assist you in all and any legal and technical matters related to the purchasing process.

Financial advice from qualified mortgage advisors

With an in-depth knowledge of every aspect of property deals and purchasing applications DreamAlgarve is one of the most respected and successful enterprises, not only finding the right property for our clients but also delivering an analytically complete view of the process.

For total clarity during the mortgage process DreamAlgarve provides services in financial consultancy, therefore presenting all the necessary breakdowns with full market studies, financial capacity analysis, project ratios and cost-efficiency scenarios.

In order to maintain realist expectations from the start, and for those who are looking to get a mortgage on the property, DreamAlgarve does a pre-application financial analysis to gauge our clients' financial capacity and the actual potential to obtain a mortgage (gauging the amount for which they are eligible).Therefore DreamAlgarve provides a service that merges property finding with mortgage capacity in order to find the right property for each client.

Accountancy advice for tax and legal matters

Before founding DreamAlgarve our director was, and still is, a certified accountant, registered among the TOC (Official Accountancy Technician) in Portugal.

We at DreamAlgarve provide a complete service, and that means constantly studying and viewing updates in legislation and fiscal matters, always ahead of the curve. Tax issues and legislation confusion can sometimes arise, but at DreamAlgarve it is easily analyzed and we help our clients understand them and navigate through it.

Property management and rental plan available

The rental market in the Algarve is one of the best in the world, and in constant demand. What makes it so? Is it the weather? The sandy beaches and secluded cliff-side grottoes? The food? The friendly atmosphere and the people? Be it one and all the Algarve is indeed a paradise. Investment-wise it is always a sound venture, and in the end you can retire here in comfort and sunshine.

It is nothing new that the Algarve has one of the most profitable and sound reputations when it comes to renting property, with some areas packed with options and others just barely scratching the surface. Many are the options available, from sun-and-fun rentals in the urban and popular beach areas, to rural-and-wild escapes for the nature lovers in the wild countryside.

Through an established partnership DreamAlgarve is able to provide clients (who intend to put their property on the rental market) with the option to use our services for property rentals. A complete market analysis and rental plan is provided to present a property-and-location-specific, realistic, profitable and verifiable breakdown of all aspects of renting out property in the Algarve.

Furniture packs available

Depending on the property purchasing plan that our clients opt to use furniture packs are available.

Sometimes clients wish to have their property ready-to-go, right away, and opt to have the property completely furnished. This is common with purchasers who intend to rent to holiday makers straight away.

DreamAlgarve provides this service with complete and standard furniture packs, from 1 Bed apartments to 5 Bed villas. Inquire through our contacts for our furniture inventory.

*Costs for standard furniture packs are separate, and only a standard set is provided. Whilst the furniture color scheme is requested to our clients, specific furniture (style) requests are not accepted.

After-sale support

After purchasing property many people are left to their own devices to sort out utilities and other legal matters, and it can be even more difficult for clients from abroad, which are not always in Portugal.

At DreamAlgarve we deliver an after-sale support service to manage the complete set-up of utilities, property documentation, fiscal matters, furniture installment details and any other issues than may arise.

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