Top 5 Reasons to live in the Algarve

Great value Real-Estate

Real estate in the Algarve is an extremely valuable commodity and a great asset for future gains if you want to explore the Algarve’s extremely profitable rental market as well.

It is also better priced now than it’s been for many years, and the range of options is huge.

The Algarve’s reputation around the world speaks for itself, with thousands upon thousands visiting every year and returning to a familiar and safe place, even choosing it as the paradise to enjoy their golden year in the sunshine.


Tax breaks

Recent legislation has been introduced in Portugal that offers new benefits and tax breaks for resident foreign retirees (with non-habitual resident status). This means they can receive their pension tax free for a period of 10 years. There is also a cap on income tax for a range of professions for services billed from Portugal. See NEWS > NEW TAX BENEFITS FOR NON-HABITUAL RESIDENTS.


Health Care system

Portugal has a national healthcare system called SNS - Serviço Nacional de Saúde. It is based on a model universal care system, and, as is the case with most national health systems it can have some problems, but it offers residents access to low cost care.

There are also excellent private hospitals and clinics available all across the Algarve. Costs can be high for a certain and specific treatments and consultations, but general health insurance is easily accessible and can help.


Strong ex-pat communities & businesses

While relocating to a new country can be overwhelming and indeed an adventure, you will find in Portugal (and specifically in the Algarve) a strong bond between locals and foreign residents. Many ex-pat communities are meshed into the local social life and enjoy living, holidaying, and thriving in business ventures within the Algarve.

In the Algarve there is an exciting expat and local community spirit, and many activity centers such as pubs, sports centers, golf clubs, newsstands and restaurants thrive on the multi-cultural scenery. You’ll never feel out of place or completely away from home in the Algarve.


Perfect weather, perfect leisure

The quality of life is just superb in the Algarve. From its rich cultural heritage, to its fantastic and world renowned gastronomy and delicacies, to quaint typical towns and modern urban centers, to resorts, wonderful sandy beaches and secluded secret locations in the wild countryside, from music and food festivals around the year to a fantastic nightlife, you can have it all.

You will find the Portuguese people are all extremely friendly, open and accepting, and the weather in the Algarve is something else. With an average of over 300 days of sunshine every year it is a remarkably welcoming land, with a climate that is considered to be one of the most stable in the world, with both Mediterranean and Atlantic influences.

It is no wonder it is one of the world's leading golf and beach destinations. Local and national businesses and services such as banks, tech centers, communications providers and schools are all up to date and follow a global model for constant modernization, competing with the best countries world over.

Many of the innovations you find across the globe come from Portuguese inventors and researchers. In Portugal the fields of medicine, math, science, technology, arts and computer science are constantly expanding and discovering new things to offer the world. I.E.: Portugal has one of the best computer systems for e-banking, ATM payments and Finance Departments, developed by Portuguese computer engineers.

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